Pune Delhi Sikkim Darjeeling and Back in Budget- Day 4 North Sikkim Package Day 2

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We woke up at 3 AM as directed by the driver. We were very excited since today was the day i would be seeing the Gurudongmar Lake because of which Sikkim trip was planned. None of the other fellow passengers were awake. We got ready and came in the dining area on the ground floor. We were provided room to each couple with attached toilet bathroom. We were given tea in the morning.  We left for Gurudongmar lake at 4:00AM, the temperature was minus 2 degrees. There was very low range for mobile phones. We carried our luggage as we were not to return to Lachen again. The journey began with the road uphills.


Way to Gurudongmar Lake

We stopped at 7:00 AM for tea and as we got to see the sunrise, we could see snow. Here as well, there was a small hut where in the aunty woke up and made tea for all of us. She also gave us maggi, bread butter and momos. The breakfast was included, but we had to pay extra if we needed anythig extra. The weather was awesome. I have seen snow before, but this was like the one shown in movies. This is why Sikkim is known as Switzerland of India. I have shared some of the pics below. Our journey began, post breakfast.


Snow on the way to Gurudongmar Lake

After an hours drive, we came across a checkpost, just before entering the lake. The kids below 8 years of age are not allowed near the lake. The other passengers who had a kid, got down and waited at the check post. Here BSF managed canteen, and again we could order momos, and maggi and coffee.

We 3 couples continued our journey to the lake. The feeling of reaching at the lake was amazing. It was a beautiful sight. The lake was frozen up. And only a part of the lake was in liquid state. I clicked a lot of pics in my selfie stick. There was chilled breeze and since the lake is at a height, you feel a bit drowsy. I was little unstable for a 5 minutes and then got used to the weather. Packed my ears and I was ready. The lake view is one of the best lake I have ever seen in my life. There is a small story behind this lake. There is a small temple nearby. We visited the temple as well. We were at the lake for around 15 minutes. It is one of the most fascinating site i came across.


Gurudongmar Lake

We were back to the BSF canteen checkpost, collected the other passengers, and moved back. While going back to hotel, we asked driver to take us to Chingsa valley. This valley is known for snow. We played with snow there.The weather did not make any of us drowsey. It was our first encounter of playing in snow in Sikkim. We clicked lots of pics.


Chingsa Valley

Our return journey to Lachung began. We reached Lachung by 7 PM. The road was very curvy. The rooms in Lachung had wooden flooring and we had a beautiful view from the room. Also, there was geyser which was a luxury considering we did not have geyser in Lachen. Weather in Lachung was also good, i mean around 5 degrees. We relaxed at the hotel and had dinner at the hotel which was same. Rice, dal and cabbage sabji. We retired to bed early as next day we were supposed to go to Yumthang Valley and Zero Point.

Read on for our adventurous trip at North Sikkim on Day 5..

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