My Flight Experience At 36th Week of Pregnancy

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I searched online for a lot of reviews about the flight travel experiences online as I wanted to take a flight from Pune to Goa. Most of the experiences belonged to women who traveled in 7th month and also read about the cases where they delivered in flight. I myself dint want to take much risk. I am working full time and wanted to work till last, but then flights were not allowing travelers beyond 36th week to fly. I had to take a chance. I booked ticket at 35 weeks and 2 days. For travelling in 36th week, doctor’s certificate is required by the airlines. I booked my flight with Spicejet. Currently there are only 2 direct flights to Goa,from Pune, Spicejet and Indian Airlines. Indian Airlines does not allow travel beyond 34 weeks. So, I went ahead with Spicejet.


Waiting at the airport

I collected Doctors fi to fly certificate 48 hours prior to the departure of the flight. I had luggage since I traveled to my hometown for childbirth and my stay would vary anywhere between 3 to 5 months. So, I booked my mums ticket along as well. It was a working day, the day I traveled. Luckily, the flight was not full and there was no rush.

I packed my things in advance and I took a 4 wheeler strolley so that it is easy to carry the luggage. On the airport, you need frequently to show original proofs and tickets, so I  carried a sling bag and kept copies in the same.



Fit to fly certificate

  • Keep the pregnancy documents handy. The crew may ask for documents. I was asked for fit to fly certificate by the crew. They also signed a declaration from my end about medical fitness. Also, they kept the photocopy of my fit to fly certificate.
  • Slipper for comfortable walk. Do not wear heels.
  • Wear clothing in layers, as it was summers, but I always find myself chilled inside the aircraft. I wore maternity gown and also wore a jacket above the dress. Loose clothing to set yourself comfortable.
  • Take an aisle seat as it helps to go to washrooms if required.
  • Cotton for ears, as air pressure becomes low at high altitudes.
  • Earplugs to listen to music while travelling.
  • Sunglasses is must if the flight is during the peak hours. You may not need it inside the aircraft but when you land and get into the aircraft.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • I traveled in the 36th week of pregnancy because the flights and doctors allowed me. Do not take a risk if you have some complications during the pregnancy. Do not travel alone and be positive. Also duration of my flight was 40 minutes only.

Also, my doctor suggested I take Retod tablets. I started taking one in morning and one in evening 10 days before the travel. This tablet acts as uterus relaxant and helps in preventing the jerks while flight landing and take off.

Overall, it was a comfortable journey. I did not have or feel any jerks and within minutes I was home. So, you also can go ahead and book your flight tickets with doctors consultation. It is an experience which I could cherish and finally I was home for delivery well ahead of time.

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