Homemade Cerelac Recipe To Carry While Going On a Vacation With 8 Month Old

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Today we have interesting article. I have received lot of queries for baby food while I am vacationing. I give my daughter the healthiest of food and yes it does require lot of patience and time to do this homemade cerelac.


Cerelac for baby food

I took one small cup as my measurement.

2 cup ukada tandul ( i got it from Goa)
1 cup tur dal
1 cup khapli gahu
1 cup masur dal
1 cup urad dal
1 cup yellow moong dal


Lentils for baby food

I cleaned and washed each separately. And sun dried for 2 days ..on weekends.. and yest i roasted and powdered each separately.


Dry fruits for baby food


4to 5 almonds
2 to 3 kharik
3 to 4 akrod or walnuts
I roasted little and powdered together and added to the above mixture. Nuts are not recommended for babies below age of 1. But little quantity is fine so that they are introduced to the taste of nuts. I did not add cashews. But for next batch of cerelac for 9 months old i will add cashews as well.


Cerelac for baby food

I have not added any spices. sugar and even salt as it is not recommended below the age of 1.

Powder can be stored for long. I cooked half teaspoon for my daughter in water for around 5 minute and while serving added milk. You can even cook in milk and serve.

Since this is first cerelac for my baby of 8 months i started with half teaspoon but within a week i will increase the quantity to 1 tablespoon and slowly to 2 tablespoon. This batch would be sufficient for me for a month. For next batch i will add more dals. I did not add ragi since i give her separately everyday.

Look forward to your comments.

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