About Me

Welcome to my space.

I don like to tell much about myself, but surely would like to share few things related to this blog.

Life is beautiful and I have made it beautiful by traveling. It is my passion and my stress buster. I have been to various places since I have come into this small world. If I am not traveling, I am planning for the next trip. For now, I have visited most parts from India, and Thailand (Phuket and Bangkok) but I would like to travel and explore the unexplored places now rather than the exotic locations.


My Background

I am Goan. Goa… ahaaa… When I say Goa, I am sure your ears are stretched and want to know about this beautiful place. I would be surely sharing few things about Goa, and also most places which you wont know otherwise. Traveling happened and started since I joined Engineering. Me along with my friends started bunking a few classes, and visiting some of the unknown hidden places in and around Goa. Slowly and steadily, my outlook towards traveling changed. I, with my friend got a map of Goa, and we started marking places to visit. Slowly, and steadily, this turned out to be a habit and an addiction.
Now married, and settled in Pune, with my husband for over 2 years. And luckily, my husband a travel freak too. Now together we explore the places ☺. We prefer mostly serene and quite places. You will not find me talking much about pubs, and clubs.The focus is on the place and depth of the beauty in the place. Together, we go for bike rides, and long drives. As we stay in Pune, we would cover weekend getaways nearby Pune. We prefer beaches, forts, hill stations, and yes we love adventurous journeys too.

About the Blog

Most of the content on this blog, would be my own and straight from my heart. This blog will not be a backpacking kind or budget travel blog, but an experience of how we travel considering the budget and luxury and covering most of the places in a given area. It would be about an experience how we traveled, why we traveled, what we packed, what we purchased, all this would help you to plan your trip.

I have not traveled solo nor i intend to, since the trips which I am going to share are latest, it is either with my husband or with my family. I would like to call husband Mr P in all my posts. He and my mummy is my motivation and support behind this blog.

There would be also some guest posts on this blog along with some beautiful pics.

Gadgets I Own

One more thing, I do not own a fancy camera, and most of the pics are taken from Samsung S6 or Samsung S7 Edge or from the Sony Cybershot. I do not intend to invest in expensive gadgets for now, may be by 2018 I should be owning a professional camera.

Why Travel Blog? Am I full time Traveler/ Blogger?

I am not full-time traveler, but have full-time MNC job and family to look after and I manage to roam every weekend or whenever possible, and that’s why spend weekends with me ☺. I will try to post whenever i visit a place, but frequency of posting may be once a week or once in every 2 weeks. I would also be sharing some of my travel series, when i had been for a week-long vacation in parts. Also, I would not be posting articles with content where i have not been before.

The crux about this blog, is how we planned in budget and still having the best of services at each place. More than a travel blog, it is about experiences which can be cherished forever. I am sure many of you might search about the place and its information before visiting the place, like i do. So, here i have penned down all the experiences which may help you in planning itinerary better. I would also share some of the restaurant reviews which I visit while on travel. I also have food blog where I share recipes.

If you have any suggestions/regrets/opinions, you can comment below. I will reply you soon.

I also take up freelancing work during my free time. i have written articles for tech websites and beauty blogs.

Long said, that’s it about me !!!

If any of the travel companies and PR are interested in contacting me you can contact me at contactus@roadiaries.com